Wouter Verschoor

(November 26, 1991)

Wouter developed a great love for music at a young age. Rock of the 70s like the Doors, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin immediately drew his attention. After playing the saxophone he chose, at age 13, to play the bassguitar. With two friends he decided to form a band and write songs that were heavily influenced by the early work of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The absence of a guitarplayer made him develope a melodic and distinctive bass style.

After a few years it was clear that he wanted to be a musician. So, after high school, he decided to study at the popdepartment of the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where eventually in 2011, having played in several other bands, he auditioned for the Muff.

Julien Graute

(March 14, 1987)

Musically, Julien was raised by bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. His first moment of contact with a guitar was at the age of eight. He bought an acoustic guitar when he was 18 and within three months he played in his first band. Soon he discovered guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend.

He dropped his former dream, to become an air force pilot, and bought his first electric guitar. He decided to take advanced lessons on the local music school and quickly went on to the pre-education of the popconservatory of Amsterdam. He has now been working for eight years in the same store where he once bought his first guitar.

Reid Steenhuis

(August 21, 1991)

Reid developed his love for the piano at an early age. Simultaniously he started composings songs, heavily influenced by the Beatles and Queen. Despite the great urge to play in a band, he did not yet play in one. Reid's view on music was widened by discovering bands like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Steely Dan, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

After accidentally acquainting himself with freestyling during drunken nights, his interest in bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Urban Dance Squad and Eminem and his affinity for rap also arises. The interest in other instruments like guitar, became larger and so he developed his compositionskills.

The Muff is looking for an expressive, extravagant outlet. A search that playfully should lead to energetic beauty. The noncommittal and brash appearance is the power of the band, and is taken very seriously.

With the birth of The Muff his chance arrived and an outlet was created for his spontaneous enthusiasm and his explosiveness was given a place.

Brian Oehlers

(April 02, 1990)
Due to his early affinity to music, Brian started playing the drums at the age five. Bands like The Roots, Michael Jackson, Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeppelin, define his influences in The Muff. How to write a song? Just shut up, and play...! The groovy and rocky beats with the bass player are tight and his energy is explosive. We anticipate each other while we play and from that moment on I just go mindless! The collaboration of the entire band is fun to watch.